I’m back and ready to play!

Disney was great- people watching, the rides, the extreme dining, the wonderful company, but I am officially ready to return to the real world. I missed my pups, I missed sewing, I missed my own bed and I may have even missed cleaning the cat box- ok, no, but, you get my feelings, right?

I missed several IMPORTANT events, too. My 100th post came and went…actually so did my 108th post, too. I got nominated for the Versatile Blogger award and the Liebster Blog award- I know, I know, you all envy me anew, I know. Sometimes Little Annie even envies herself for her glorious achievements!

 A real achievement would be me figuring out how to post the icons for these on my page- so not smart about these theings?!

So now let me thank the responsible parties:

Vickikate makes: What a sweetie! Such a creative soul- one of the first sewing blogs I latched onto and love to go visit.

Good-bye Valentino: A Lady who turned her back on retail, but not style and quality! She is just across the state from me and if I lose 50 lbs her warbrobe may get a midnight raid!

 Do you know the following blogs- they are new to me and I am under their spell-

The Perfect Nose: Wry, talented and glossy!

Hollywood Bibliotheque’s Blog: I love old Cinema and this blog is always surprising me 

Wanna Be Sewing Something: Great maker and remaker!

Now I want to host my 1st ever give away! Ready? My Husbands Grandmother was a sewista and these are from her collection- I am not up to major re-sizing yet on my skill journey- so I hope a new home is waiting for them.

Let me first share a quote from A Susan Kandel novel- “I dreamed I married Perry Mason’:

‘As far as I know, no one but yours truly has advanced a theory as to why vintage clothing tends to be found in only fouirs or sixes. I like to think it’s because throughout history, voluptous girls like myself tended to be ravished by impatient mates, their dresses shred in the heat of passion, while our petite counterparts, being inherently less desirable, have ample time to hang up their garments neatly, thus preserving them for posterity on ebay.’

Hey, I’m just sayin’ it’s a theory…….


“Ethel! I highly doubt that Mr Pendergast was trying to glance down your bodice while you used the mimeo! He’s a married man!’


“Missy! I think Lewis Finster has spiked the punch again! You’d best be on your guard- he is only interested in rounding your bases! ”

Folks, I’m not just taunting you with these gems- I am offering them up as a giveaway- so if anyone is interested, please let me know in the comments which one you feel will best attract the right kind of man!

 photo credits: Etsy, Huzzah,