Wearable Wednesday Thom Browne

A reminder- this is Ready to Wear- not couture. My rule has always been to showcase what the designers are showing as their meat and potatoes. I now give you those potatoes…..

Oh crap! She saw a mouse! 

Who thinks the Clinique salesgirls take themselves too seriously? 

I think her coat needs a hairnet more than she does.

Interview outfit- nailed it!

Rhonda soon regretted her piñata costume choice for the Cinco de mayo party at the  local biker bar.

Iron Man Lingerie – it’s a thing.

Looking for a fun craft project for all your mismatched socks? No,  me neither. 

Fiona loved dating a radiologist, but his gifts were a little on the nose….

I’m not sure how jaded you have to be if you can fail to look up when a giantsummer camp pot holder strolls past you at fashion week. 

The entire front row had a seizure as Marla went by. It was a very stylish seizure according to witnesses.

Ok Brenda, we get it- you LOVE fleet week!?

photo credits: Vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Thom Browne

‘Kids, your Uncle Marvin has been so lonely for a long time. He’s bringing a girl to Thanksgiving and I want you all to make a special effort to be nice to her and her friends.’

‘Mom, she’s here- and Grannie Fran just accused her of trying to steal the good placemats- I think you need to come out here’


‘Honestly Becky! I can’t leave the gravy right now! Go fill up the nut cups- what now???’

‘Ma- she’s not wearing a top- well, not on both sides-‘


but one of them is wearing a lamp shade and maybe some tiny chickens-‘


Stop being a brat- go show them my Elvis collectable plates and my spoons from all 50 states!’


‘Whats Pogo so upset about? Whats all that barking? Go see!’

‘Mom- Pogo thinks her Coat Is alive- he’s cowering under the table now’


‘Don’t keep running in here! Its rude! Go offer her an iced tea….and see if she brought the centerpiece for the table’

‘But Mom- I think she’s wearing it…’


‘Mom- Uncle Marvin is taking the brandy and leaving without her…..’


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.