Wearable Wednesday Threeasfour

Find your center- the key to groundedness is balance- just let your ankles guide you- be the wraith of compassion

Shut up Anton.

For a limited collection called: ‘Things Tilda couldn’t even pull off’

Bruce thought of it as an homage- Grace Jones considered his going thru her trash again a violation of his restraining order.

Chet knew Bonnie was never going to be his- she made it plain when she destroyed his specially curated mix tape ‘Bonnie my soul is your bath poofy’

So fiercely did Blaine fear frizz- he wouldn’t even stand in front of an ice cream maker without protection.

Erica made quite a name for herself by sneaking into the Guggenheim and perching for hours among the exhibits.

For Rhonda, yoga pants were just too constricting. She needed the casual comfort of a trampoline cover.

I know I saw her at Comcon.

Photo credits: Vogue.com