Wearable Wednesday- Commes des Garcons

‘The Future is 2 dimensional’. Thats our premise today. Rei Kawakubu has rabid fans and I’m sure this show was amazing in person, but I’m not so sure that most of us can get behind this collection. You tell me. Now I’m trying to be open-minded and not just pick, but these are more avant-garde than ready to wear aren’t they? Unless you are actually a really stylish hand puppet?Is it just me or are their wiglets crooked? or jaunty. Maybe they are jaunty.Floral Ninjas! They are everywhere- you just don’t know it. This must be how they keep the Queen safe at the  flower show! You can’t be depressed around this much construction paper- it just isn’t possible. 

Ok, I’m  a coat whore- I actually sort of like this. The shoes look sort of sexy Olive Oyle, too. This last one is this seasons must have illusion dress done to death by Paul’s daughter- look how the inset panel makes her look sooo thin! It’s a sartorial magic trick! Ok, I call upon someone with a good eye and open mind to defend these and give us some perspective on it. I give you my personal Ivory soapbox to perch on.  The article I linked to at the beginning of the post shows real wearers and they are making some pretty interesting statements in this designer- maybe this just isn’t the best show to pull good pieces from. Lets have some individuality debate on this- does it have to be flattering to be fabulous? As an aside,  I have to ask, does anyone else keep thinking about Joan Cusacks character in TOYS?

photo credits: style.com