Wearable Wednesday Valentino

As a help to our acting friends during award season- let’s slip over into couture land to help Emma Stone select her Oscar outfit!

There I was on my Grannies sofa when I got my nomination!

I for one am tired of the mud slinging in our industry-I know I tucked my speech somewhere-I saw it in Christian Soriano’s bathroom and I had to have it!I’m so nervous I’ve been shredding napkins at my seat….1guest limit? Hah- I brought 3 generations hiding in this skirt!Why yes, I did bring Nemo as my date!Photo credits: Vogue.com

All things Laborious

You can’t wear white after Labor Day.


I said, you can’t wear white after Labor Day.


You aren’t listening.


Ok, now lets really focus, ok? No white after-


Hey, Missy! I mean you in the head wrap- I am trying  teach etiquette and class here- now go change into something appropriate!


Ok,  Sassy sleeves Armani- just settle down. We have rules here. I demand that you leave and take your seasonally inappropriate bichon with you!!!


Aargh. Let’s try again. I repeat. No white after Labor Day!!!


People! I am trying to remind all of us of the importance of following fashion rules! If we didn’t have rules, our society would just collapse into jumpsuit wearing mayhem. Now go and move your white garments to the off-season storage as God intended!!!!


E Tu Altuzarra?????


Donatella, you are not helping. I’m going to need you to go sit down. In the back.


photo credits: style.com.  All images remain the property of their original owners.

Wearable Wednesday: Valentino 2012RTW

Valentino- institution, right? The The name shrieked by aging matrons with nasal voices when the valet gets their unmanicured mitts too close to the skirtage. I think Valentino is a little bit aging, but maybe thats just me.  Just this week Jessica Biel worked some Valentino and looked a lot under 90 years old.  I think removing the lining from it is probably a good start to bringing it a frisky young Courtney Love-esque audience.

 Now I love pockets, but maybe they aren’t always a good thing- especially when they create weird optical illusions:

This I like.

Maybe this too.

This one makes me think of the Loretta Lynn museum. She needs bigger hair:

This is my favorite. I like the very simple lines with the embellishments. 

Photo credits: Style.com