Wearable Wednesday Vetements

Ugh- if I have to look- so do you!

She’s begging for a bicycle to knock her out of this outfit!

Are her feet that big or is a clown hiding behind her?

I think of this pose as ‘pouting with cramps’

Does she have a spare outfit in the bag under her  arm? We’ll wait while she changes….

You have to perfect a sexy bowlegged walk to keep the boot squeaking to a minimum. Life lessons. I give them.

First glance I really thought her leg was swung over the dumpster and I kind of understood why. 

This feels random. 

I highly recommend that you go see the rest of this collection. Not for fashion inspiration, but for amusing street style what the f’ery. Exhibit A:

Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Vetements

‘Good morning travelers! I know you are all Tired and frustrated over this travel ban. I’m Peggy from the public relations department here at the Denver international airport and in an effort to distract, ER, entertain you- we present the first Denver Intl Airport Unclaimed baggage/lost and found fashion show!!!’

Here are Rufus and Balthazar- looking very stylish and approachable! Papers please!

Remember if any of this looks familiar and you still have your claim ticket, just dial 67 on the white courtesy phone!

Hey! Hey! Security! He isn’t part of our show – that’s the guy who keeps hiding in the ladies room! Swarm! Swarm!

Louis wows the ladies in his sassy blend of puffer coat and button down! 

TSA agent Pamela shows us her dainty side in these lovely pumps she confiscated just yesterday! Thanks for all your hard work, Ma’am!

We blindfolded Elinor our lounge hostess and she came up with this enviable take on the Denver sunset- yay Elinor!

Kudos To Eric  from maintenance who had 15 minutes to convert this bedding bag into a stylish wrap! 

Bernadette earned 20 minutes in the VIP lounge for herself and a date as employee of the month- let’s give her a round of applause!

Oh, THATS what Vetements means!

Ah, I love a wedding or a bedding sale….

Thanks for watching everyone! Don’t forget the Cinnabon shop has 10% off today! Just outside of gate 23!

Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Vetements

I’m not even sure I need to comment on these. But I will. No. I just can’t.


What can I say? It’s like going thru a receiving line at a wedding that you know is a bad idea- but you have to say something to their Mom, but what?


Better luck next time?


I hear good things about the caterer?


Don’t they look happy?


Always nice to get out and see people!


All the pictures are in focus!


Ok, thats it- I’m hitting the punch bowl and sneaking out the back.


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of the original owners.