Wearable Wednesday Vika Gazinskaya

dont you hate style bloggers who do the ‘its a skirt! add a belt- its a sassy day to night party dress! knot the upper back and its a triceritops!’

No seriously Betty- just add bust darts and it will really come together-

Cold shoulder, ruffles, halter neck! Score!It’s a trend trifecta!!

Arlene- you had better be using a coaster on my Biedermeier!?

Yes, Honoria- I’ve even brought extras…

The first 100 people who can show me their copy of The Mccalls version from 1992 get a groupon coupon for the resort collection!

Please join my celestial husband and I for the sabbath meal. My sister wife Hester is bringing her tatertot surprise!

I’ve never seen a trench coat that made me this sad. Flappy sad. 

I am so over puddle drapes for formal dining rooms.

Vera! The bra stuffing goes INSIDE the cups!!!

Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Vika Gazinskaya

Buckle up. This is going places! Luckilly our sleeves deploy as airbags!


2014 Sad Clown Formal Night


Is this a real model or a wax figure? Whatevs, I like the dress…..


Seriously, her menace is distracting me from the tragic pleating.




I have shams like this- they match my canopy.


I will hide among the humans dressed as a beach umbrella and learn their secrets…


Go ahead and laugh- I will incinerate you-


I will hide on the weak humans lawns- blending with their sacred icons…..



photo credits: style.com, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners.