I Dreamed it rained on my Vogue 1496

Do you curate a clothing museum? You know what I mean? You sew things that don’t have anything to do with you, your coloring, shape, lifestyle- then refuse to part with them? I’m getting better about that. I used to buy clothes that were great sales, but matched nothing. So they hung out in my closet and admired my shoes. I got into the bad habit of buying fabric the same way. Now I curate a Modern art museum- nothing matches the sofa or makes any sense.

So I’m trying- trying, trying, to be responsible.

Sew what you know you like: Tunics, crazy art teacher togs

Sew what you look good in: Tunics, tapered crazy art teacher togs, less brown, more soft shades.

Blue has always made me feel sickly.  But I think it’s me- our relationship needs to change. So I bought 5 pieces of blue fabric from Fabricmart. Here we go:

Vogue 1496- looks like a pool cover up. But it’s the back that sells it. It’s got this wrap around, backs seam- wait- what did they call it? Very loose-fitting, tapered, pullover dress has V-neckline, optional pockets (stitched in place), front extending into yoke back, no shoulder seams, back armhole openings with narrow hem, and stitched hem. Hot Buttered chipmunks- that’s me!!!


No, that’s a size 4 dehydrated model.

Here’s me:


Breath-taking! I know, right? It’s like a sexy hospital gown on a sexy hunchback. I made no changes- it’s so easy and comfortable and despite it maybe not being the most flattering look I’ve made- it’s summer in the south and I’m liking it! Here’s a dandy picture of the sleeve/armhole/slashy business:


Do you want to meet my friend? Ms Holloway is sporting my left overs- done up in a sassy Simplicity 2599- the staple shell pattern that is perfect for all occasions. I got all kinds of frisky and gathered bias strips on an angle to make her more fun. Now I have to stop myself from mindlessly fluffing my breastal area  all day. It’s worse if I’m wearing this blouse of course. Just let that settle for a minute.


So I have a dress I’ll actually wear and a shell that is perfect for the 7:15 ‘what the hell don’t I need to iron???’ mornings. Here’s a bonus action shot- me doing the 100th throw of the purple toy since I got home from work. Last nerve fraying like cheap costume satin.


photo credits: Pattern Review, little me