Vogue matchmaking with 8799 And Butterick 5991

Once more I have heard the sorrowful pleas of a skirt that is tired of its black tshirt partner. I can’t blame it really, it’s not doing either of us any justice!  Last year I whipped up Butterick 5991 and I love it! So easy!!!


I’ve been trying to make my style match my life- work, play, age, whatever. This is hard when you like to think of yourself like this:                       psssst- The one on the right!!!


But your work, age, and social inclination is inching you closer to this fabulous ladys style:


Seriously- I know she’s got 40 years on me, but her fab style is burning Maggie!


So todays plan is a very subtle swing in this direction by way of Vogue and the middle east. Vogue 8799 has really fun lines to it and I’ve been wanting to make the top for quite a while. I don’t remember when I got this placemat material – it’s heavy and frays like a teachers nerves the day before a break.  But the weave intrigued me. So I made a love connection!


Now this top took some work and 5 bobbins worth of tangerine! I had some major fit issues. I did my usual humpback whale alterations, and did a little try on. Holy Priceless collection of Etruscan snoods, Batman! That is a lowcut top! Seriously. I sensed it was low, but I didn’t realize I could scratch my belly from the neckline! So I removed the front panel, eyed the circles on  the pattern, which yes, they did match  and decided to add 4 yes, 4 inches to it. 4 inches. The length of Africa’s goliath beetle! Don’t say I don’t strive to educate here, folks.

Ok, now I can leave the house in it. Being that it goes from winter (burr) to hades here in SC very quickly, I didn’t line this- before I finalized my shoulder seams, I made a facing tracing around it. Much better for my heavy bizarro basket weave fabric.

So I have a very unrecognizable salute to a Kameez- or Salwar suit top.

salwar suit


I’ve been on pinterest looking at these until my eyes bled this morning. beautiful stuff! I really think my tunic love is moving seriously in this direction! But then I wore my orange placemat to work and we aren’t quite there yet. I like it in theory, but not until some new life lessons hit me this week regarding my clothing and style needs did it hit me. It’s hard. This fabric is hard. It does not flow, it does not drape. It feels like part of me is in a plaster cast and I don’t feel comfortable in it.Let’s sneak up on the style lines first:


So far so good, but look at how it climbs up- so stiff! Orange kevlar. So stylish.


Now, opposite extreme:


That’s Butterick 6183- a Lisette in a soft cotton that feels like I’m wearing a pillowcase- in that good way. Very similiar shape, but totally different feel. Soon to be incontinent model pose:


So comfortable!


Lesson? I need to keep moving in the style direction I am trying, but keep the fabric fluid and sensual- wear it, don’t armour up in it! I look like a warning in this!


photo credits: pattern review, meadhawg, pinterest,bbc, pattern review. All images remain the property of their original owners.