Wearable Wednesday Delpozo

Ugh, I hate family picture day!?

Especially after Nanny took that ‘recycling hamper liners’ class at the co-op.

Shut up- i think my corsage is trying to crawl up my neck and eat my brain!

Whatever Wendy-  at least yours is flexible!?

Remember the year nanny learned to knit, but not prewash? 

Yes, yes we do. 

I kind of liked the origami class- but I’d pay to see her learn to let down a  hem!?

Stop complaining- I look like 2 short nuns tried to body slam me?!

But did your bows get caught in the escalator at Sears?

I wish!

Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday The Row

Do you have trouble falling asleep?  Do you toss and turn? Try my new method- instead of sheep, i picture the new Row collection!

Feel your eyes growing heavy?

Limbs beginning to relax? Mind wondering?

The stress of the day falling away as you start to drowse…..

‘Oh no, Mr Darcy- you mustn’t gaze at my bodice like that-‘ 

Giggle giggle giggle…..zzzzz

Gees!? Is that the alarm already???

Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Munsoo Kwon

As a devoted aunt, I never miss one of the kiddies school theatricals- but this years Montessori productions have been the best!

I had no idea anyone had written a rap version of Fiddler on the Roof-

Or ‘Crucible- the Musical!’

Death of a Salesman done with supporting characters as puppets was a bit of a stretch for me too, but gosh those kids nailed it!

A ballet based o the Harrison Ford film Witness was a truly inspired idea!

Well, maybe not as inspired as the troubled backstory of young street artist Obi Wan Kenobi- that brought tears to these jaded eyes!

Support the arts, people- one day your niece could be Hester Prynne- and you’ll be so proud!

Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Christian Siriano

I think the stork had to claw its way out-

Jiffy pop track pants is hard to say-

That divorced lady that all the moms distrusted had this wallpaper in her powder room- tho I promise I never entered her house, Mom. 

Less mariachi, more Mari-yucky.

This is what I wear when I intend to sashay around and say ‘Furthermore!’ A lot. 

This one is Mr Pringles- Christians cats favorite:

What’s more orange? This dress or that chick behind her?

I’d love to see Solange Knowles in this- or Eddie Izzard. I’m not picky.

I love gill couture. You know I do. 

Formal unicycle gear is a bit of a niche market, me thinks. 

When I first saw this, I excitedly thought the embroidery was of a pink shihtzu. I’m kind of sad that I realized it wasn’t. 

14 feet of zipper and she still couldn’t get it over her head.

I’m in love. Tacky wonderful love. Thank you, Mr Siriano!

Photo credits: vogue. Com

Wearable Wednesday Growing Pains

In a bold industry move, Madame Lexi reworked her extra sex dungeon space into a gelato bar for  the kiddies!

Tasha was so looking forward to her first overnight camping trip and medical support with the Bewilderness scouts!

Lewis would later regret shyly asking his online date to ‘wear something strappy’

Well, when I woke up in the tree I realized my parachute was the only thing I had on!? War is hell Indeed, Enid.

This is my fault- I complained about sheer materials too much. Sorry Bethany.

Despite the glamour of exotic places, Regina just hated being the flight crew member responsible for the sewage pumps.

Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Dorothee Schumacher

I never fly without my Brookstone Travel pillow!

Psst! Is that a muppet emerging from her groundless area?

Ugh. The uber driver wouldn’t let me leave Granny’s ashes in the car while I get a latte. Rude!

Ariel planned her outfit perfectly for her dream trip to Graceland- they’d never see her hiding in the jungle room!

Leslie! How dare you flaunt your naked shoulders! Jezebel! Harlot!

I can’t tell if this is sheer or not- I do feel dizzy tho….

I like when they leave the toenails on my fur pieces- so handy!

If I could just buy all the trench coats in the world- my heart would be full. 

Squish! Squash! Kill that roach! Thank you John Waters.

Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Esteban Cortazar

Do they still have those lingerie parties at Hefs    House? I’ve found my outfit!

Well, that’s a lot of bad ideas all strutting toward us….

No Jon Snow- we’ll have no women guard the wall! Not on my watch!

 Is it a harness? Wait- a camel toe skirt??

Well, at least it’s opaque.  I see a wolf head…

Release the hounds!Vanessa Hudgems is definitely hitting Coachella in this…

Remember when you wanted to show off your new boyfriends sweater- even if it didn’t fit? 

I may be the only one, but the Scottish Tele Tubby reboot looks good!

Every sensible woman has a classic white shirt in their style arsenal. Just move this one so you can get to it. 

Photo credits: vogue.com