Wearable Wednesday Beaufille

This is more of a pushdown bra…..

I thought she was carrying a big ugly purse- no, it’s a little ugly skirt.

These baseboards are filthy!? Christina!!!!!!!!

I love the idea of this skirt, but it would make me look like vertical blinds in a corner office.

Captain Kirk looked so cool in these boots- huh, maybe he was a good actor after all.

Mmmm- my elbow- it’s never smelled so full of stylish ennui…..

Seriously, how is this staying up? It’s like a goth hula hoop on this hipless model!?

This model had to be supported on a dolly- she kept collapsing under the weight of her rich wool lapels, poor thing.

Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Ida Klamborn

The PTA will be sending Mrs Ellis a sternly worded letter about getting out of her vehicle at student drop off.

‘It was so easy- just hide in plain sight and act naturally.’- Iona Betz, professional star fish smuggler.

According to the Nerdist, the least attended cosplay event is Partridgecon- a weekend of Partridge family fan shenanigans!

Between seasons, lula paid her rent with a no brush can car wash venture she started with Agyness Dyn

Transgender models are so 2016- our model has gills!

Velvet and sorbet sounds luxurious, until you have to wear it….

I can’t laugh- I’ve gotten my dress caught in the car door too. Claps to her for soldiering on.

‘You’re welcome! I’m taking them all away!’

Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Madison Kitsune

Let’s just take a moment to ask ourselves if the school girls this collection is geared toward has the allowance to buy it!?

After gymnasium, let’s go shop for hatchibles!

Yay! Career day- I’m going to sell condos!

Surrender Dorothy!

Does Ms Conway know this outfit exists?

Gees!? Elle Fanning would look old and jaded in this collection!

They could have at least found a butt that fit the label!?

Photo credits: vogue. Com

Wearable Wednesday Stella Jean

Stella, my love for you is deep. Your mixed prints, your sass. Your femininity. I want to support this new interest in boxing, but…..

This is easy Ernestine! If you wear everything you plan to wear on vacation, no checked luggage fees!

Boxing pajamas? Are her feet longer than her head?

I’m sorry- her feet look like they are wearing crochet mallet cozies! I’ll take the cape.

This coat- it is an illustration from Maurice Sendaks unpublished Dante work.

This was made from recycled punching bags- does anyone want the attention drawn to wear that ruching is? I think not.

I was good until I saw her golfing gloves… but frisbee can take a toll on the manicure.

 Any thoughts on these boots? I’m feeling my Anna Sui giddiness….

This is the one Elle Fanning will buy and possibly even make precious. Possibly.

Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Osman

As a child, my mother was always using just a hair too short of an elastic length in sleeves- just seeing this brings an old pain to the surface and makes me want my wooby.

Harriet’s fairy godmother only had a few minutes and the drapery section at Caskets and Coffins- but her heart was in the right place.

To my 8 year old mind, this dress is the best thing ever! It’s all my Julie the cruise director falling in love with the recently widowed passenger who is placed by Bruce Boxleitner and we’re in A port of call with donkeys! Dreams.

Audrey was selected as this years Virgin sacrifice by winning the high priests ruffle toss!

Shorts with built in polter wang. Marvelous.

The location of the waistband on the blouse is really bothering me.

Kiki Dee remembers this outfit! Elton! Return my calls! We can be great again!

Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Roberto Cavalli

I think Kate Hudson divorced a guy for wearing this-

Did you know there was one more Von Trapp child? His cross dressing was a bit of an issue for the Baron….

Once more I must elude to the vile and sundry things I’d do to possess this jacket- filthy shameful things! But not for the skirt- I can’t handle visible pocket bags.

This evening on the 2nd biggest stage of the Pocono Lodge- its Verna and her blazing ukulele mashups of the Carpenters and Marilyn Manson! 2 nights only!!!

My thighs are so chilly, yet my legs are clammy with sweat. High fashion or malaria? It’s all about perspective.

I have binned dresses that bloused like this- and my standards for flattering shapes are pretty low.

Oh- oh, yes, pretty one! Come to Annie! I don’t even mind your collarbone harness!

The Project Runway cupcake liner challenge!

A raincoat with suede boots- it’s like a dry clean only swimsuit….

Photo credits- vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Mother of Pearl

Oompa Loompa, loompadee doo-

I’ve got an ugly collection for you!

What do you get when your fabric is flat?

Droopy, unhemmed with sleeves like a bat?

After intensive inpatient treatment, Violet was able to lead an almost normal life-

This just-

 I am out of words.

Haven’t we- and the models- been thru enough?

Seriously- I need someone to tell me….WHY?

Photo credits: vogue.com