Wearable Wednesday Dolce and Gabbana

‘Honestly. Helens theme parties get more and more confusing everytime. Remember when she had the series 2 Detectorists premiere party? My upholstery sure does.’

‘Better than that ‘Gelatto for the Pontiff’ thing last fall!’

‘What about that outdoor thing where she just kept blasting ‘Tusk’ over the stereo….’

‘Oh, the marching band overnighter- I can’t even look at epaulettes now!?’

‘Remember the silent auction she had for the migrant farm workers? I never got my charitable giving form back.’

‘But her annual tea to kick off the Olive Gardens never ending pasta bowl’ is always so well attended!’

‘Is that the month after her annual birthday fete for Elton John and Kofi Annan?’

‘Yeah, weird them having the same birthday….’

‘ I thought getting Sir David Attenborough to read ‘ode to an Etruscan urn’ in a wading pool was quite stirring in 2012….good times’

‘What’s tonight?’

‘Slap that Bass’ jazz night, why?’

‘I think you misunderstood….’

Photo credits: vogue. Com.


Wearable Wednesday Marques’ Almeida

Ringo Starr wore this for 4 straight months before the intervention.


Gee, while your randomly cutting the sleeve edges, why not lop off another 4 inches so she can scratch her nose?


Damn it Mom, I’m not cold- why do I have to wear your stupid car coat?! You.Are.Soooo.Embarassing.


My Brothers astronaut GI Joe had the same pants….


Boy friend jeans….if your boyfriend is Raggedy Andy…


She’s two coffin liners and a hide-a-bed fighting for control….


After the incident on Porcupine Peak, Strawberry Shortcake went to a dark place….


Anybody else want to get between me and the cupcake tower?


We get it, Sybil, you got playoff tickets by sleeping with a ref…..


Mourning becomes Oompa-Loompas…..


Oh Camille, you jiffy-pop strumpet!


I have no words.


Did you think I could ignore the shoes forever?  Yeah, right.



photo credits: vogue.com


Wearable Wednesday Norma Kamali

Ok, we’re all set- Earl, start the fans, ok?

Earl- add another fan- this is alright, but I want more movement. 

Maybe just one more. My vision involves more dervish, less static. 

Earl! Catch her dress! It’s a loaner! Crap! This may be too much wind!?
Come toward me Betheny! I’ll grab you as soon as you are out of frame! It’s ok! I’m here! 
Earl! Weight the purses! Hold her leg! She’s going to fly off! Damn it Earl!!!
She’s lost her sleeve! Run toward the net Andie! We won’t let you hit the fan!thats great Earl! Keep ahold of her waistband! We won’t lose this one!Wait Girls! We need to put the weights in your shoes! 

Hello Tim Gunn? We are gonna need some bigger models…..photo credits- vogue.com. All images remain the property of the original images.

Wearable Wednesday Whyred

Fine, Mom. I wore a bra for the college interview.Happy now, establishment drone??

Amateur models- you have to spell everything out. No, the blue is the new duvet for my pekidoodles  travel bed! You’re supposed to wear the stuff on the hanger!

Oh don’t make that face! I wasn’t being critical, I was just wondering if maybe it was supposed to be like that- oh, don’t be so sensitive Phoebe!?

All I said was the other outfit seemed a little revealing- you’ve made your point- you can take off a layer or two- gees a Dickie, really? So sensitive, Becky….

Look, just keep moving- if you stop, they land on you!


Cedric, I said not now! Can’t you see I’m in the middle of a swarm situation??

Photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Avtandil

Ok, who pissed off Ellen Burstyn?


Remember that scene in Pretty in Pink where Andi makes her prom dress out of 3 old horse blankets?


I get the matching your belt and bag, but I didn’t know about the eyeshadow and shoe lace connection. OOOOH! I can see their man berries!!


Honestly, I’m just happy to know opaque fabric still exists?!


She was a woman of many facets….none of them tasteful.


Weirdest pregnancy announcement ever.


No. This is not the droid I was looking for.


Photo credits: vogue.com. All images remain the property of the original owner.



Wearable Wednesday Ria Keburia

Psst- Krissy- the tank top goes under the alpaca midi to avoid chafing!!

I miss Helena, but I’m glad Tim Burton is dating again.

Don’t feed your chia pet after midnight!

Saddest nesting doll ever!

Please explain….no. Just don’t. Just give her a spin.

Is that a tattoo of a skull wearing a butterfly mask? No fair- I’ll bet the models would have loved masks!

Is that the guy from Human League??

Photo credits: vogue.com.all images remain the property of the original owners.

Wearable Wednesday Steinrohner

Ramona was a mood dresser- today was prickly.

Ellen’s aversion to plastic made her the designers least favorite model.

When it’s cold out, but still want everyone to know you’re available-

Yay! The Project Runway industrial tarp challenge!

This gives me a tropical depression.

Turn the music up, Dave- these outfits are squeaky!

Ok, so we don’t need to teach lining OR hemming anymore. Nice.

Oh, Wanda. This is not a valid statement about safe sex.

Photo credits- vogue.com. All images remain the property of the original owner.