Wearable Wednesday Alexander Wang

As in- What the Wang-doodle is that? w4

Huh.I was wrong- you can get Lai’d in this collection.w5

Worst Olympic Opening team uniform ever.


Rob you? No I swear, I’m just here for gas and a Slurpie! w7

Well, I did say wear a suit……w8

Is she walking into the wind? Is that why everyone else is so bundled up? w9

I can hear Cher belting out, ‘Gypsies, Trans Am Thieves!’


You can make it Erin- just hold it on a few more minutes!


photo credits: vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Ohne Titel

Let’s see if this collection gives us a titel or two. Luckily, models can’t eat- this would be hell to brush crumbs off of.


Don’t throw out those air filters, kids- it’s time to sew ’em up!


Shouldn’t your coverup…well, coverup?


Ok, call the labour board- if the studio is cold enough to see nipples thru a plastic chestplate….


Ah! They are attached to the sandals! I though they were weird reverse sock garters! Um, still not buying a pair….


Yay! A wearable piece!


Please have those looked at. Seriously, do it now.


Wanda would not be denied entry into the royal box for want of a jacket.


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Wearable Wednesday with Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

It’s that time again!

I think I have a little soft spot for this one- perhaps a hundred and one little soft spots…..

She saw it at a picnic and couldn’t resist……

I like that it gives her a tiny set of crotch valances….

Lets have one more- something subtle….

Hmm. At this point some of us may be wondering, what kind of a nutball has the money and nerve to wear this straight from the runway all the time?

Oh, hi Katy……we were just talking about you…..

Photo Credits: Style.com