A Drawing of Wellington Proportion!

As promised, this morning with all the ritual, ceremony and pomposity you have come to expect from the ‘Grievances, a name was drawn from the many, many deserving commentors on my Wellington Pattern Pyramid drawing post.

Lets see if we can get her on the line….as you can see, my secretary is as excited as I am about our drawing! telephone

Sew Exhausted– you are our winner!! Do you understand the rules of your new and very special obligation? sweatertop1

Upon receiving the loot, you are to make your personal selections, blog it and let the mayhem and bribery begin!!! I shall refer you back to the amazing origins of this fine tradition in sewing and community- the original!  Lovely Karen started a huge phenomenon that has given us all much joy. So please email me with your address and be on the porch in 4-5 days.

…..Hey, isn’t that a snake skin print? Gorgeous work, ma’am! We totally approve. brooks

photo credits: Sew Exhausted, google images

Continuing the Mission….in the jungle!

Good Morning Junior Jungle Scouts! Ready for the mission? Find even more gorgeous makes from the primal whirl of the interwebs! wingsbow

Dance party- Here we go!!!

Ok, so Pella took this Burda pattern and she cut it here…and darted it and turned this and ok, just go look at her blog- I can’t describe how she got this, but it is wonderful!!!!dsc_0923

Speaking of the Beautifully Sewn– we have a Maria of Denmark Kristen Kimono is a print that makes me giddy…and you know I love to be giddy! Later we will even see Maria herself! 20130122_115150

Who is this tall drink of sassy? Anne W– I love this so much! Fuschia was so right for this. fr0064

Do you do Bobbins&Whimsy? Oh you must- she’s a treat- check out her new clutch! She beat the machine to do this one for us! zebra-clutch

I believe that animal print is suitable for all occasions and so does MariaDenmark! I think cheetah totally says ‘christening!’, wedding, whatever! 1

Dibulous thought that she could post this on Pattern Review without the jungle tracker spotting it- oh, no! Check out this tunic:8407082681_5b50124f52_b

How about a little vintage flair of the faux fur variety? Tulle and Tweed brings us a Deanna Durbin worthy collar- complete with cat-teasers! SONY DSC

I love when a whole family comes together for the greater good….of animal print! Sewing for Fun got everyone working the stripey-ness! I’m glad she did- My Mother¬† wants this pattern, so now I can show her the best version yet! side-2blomst

Velo– do you dream in animal print? I just know that you do! snake-pants2

Now I won’t reveal how cool this is- go see SewForwards blog- cuz the kittty ain’t talking! watching-over-the-technique

Tomorrow we will pause the jungle Jeep for the Wellington Pattern Pyramid drawing live in our remote location! Perhaps some animal print fabric may find its way into that bundle- as it does sometimes! There is still time to throw your name in the ring! silent leo

photo credits: google images, youtube, Pella, Beautifully Sewn, MariaDenmark, Sew Forward, Anne W, Tulle and Tweed, Bobbins and Whimsy, Velosewer, Dibulous, Sewing For Fun

Wellington Pattern Pryamid Arrival

Upon these noble shores a package has arrived from the most Noble of Magpies! Gees I love winning stuff! It totally appeals to my spoiled rotten nature! babypeggyphoto3

Check out the loot! DSC08431

Pretty snazzy,eh? My mind is spinning. I know, I KNOW I’m supposed to pick one and then let everyone else get a chance to win, but…..I’m lousy with numbers….I took 2. DSC08434

But I’m selfish. It’s how I roll. I have it on best authority that it IS all about me. I asked my Mom. She said so.


Here is what I’ve added: DSC08436

Ok, so you know what you got to do, right? You need to let me know in the comments in haiku or free verse just which of these you would like to cherish as your very own and then a winner will be chosen by cartoon blue birds on the final day of the festival of St Eustaces and I shall forward the loot to thee. Thats January 26th by my Etruscan calendar. Standard Pyramid rules do apply- you must have a blog (for posting your own leg of the journey) and you must leave me a thoughtful, flattering comment about me or the patterns you are eager to embrace as your very own.

On your mark? Go!

photo credits: little me, google images