Wearable Wednesday Zac Posen

I’ve never figured out what Resort Wear means exactly-

Maybe it’s what you wear when you have a kidney stone?

This is screaming ‘praying mantis launching from a cocoon-Be your own hood ornament-I think this is Florence Welch at CanneA Binoche at Canne-An Senator Organna at Canne-If I just float thru the cafeteria at work in this- will it seem excessive for bbq bar day?Liesl, the angry debutanteOh Zac- you have me a trench coat!!Photo credits: Vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday ZAC Zac Posenl

‘Psst- it’s Bruderlein- it’s time for my annual guest editor post. As usual I pick Zac Posen. A designer of exquisite taste and-‘

Bru- what’re you doing? This is wearable Wednesday-

‘I know. I’m curating. This is excellent and the sleeves can hold many biscuits.’Bruder, can I take over?

‘No. Zac is a dachshundist and deserves our best’

Oh, excuse me. Carry on.

‘ This Blouse is something I would like to lick.’

That’s it? That’s your take on it?

‘I like that it has a tail. Let’s keep moving. Helmutt did this to one of your dresses and you got very mad. But obviously, we, like Zac are innovators.’

Um ok. The fabric is lovely-

‘But scratchy. Like the plant by the mailbox.’

Very Anna Wintour-worthy commentary, Bru, thanks.

‘I calls it like I sees it. This one looks perfect for the puppy park and a trip to Starbucks’Ok, i agree. How about this?

‘Hmm- the back looks very comfy- let’s ask the model to lay down so I can get on her back!’

That might seem rude.

‘I want to pull the bows’

Me too! Ok Bru, I think we’re all on to you- you just think that Mr Posen is going to invite you to come drink out of his rich guy toilet in the Hamptons. Remember I’m your plus 1, m’kay?

Photo credits: Vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Zac Posen

Today Zac takes us to the depressives Prom.

I hate when the bathroom only has hand dryers!?

Wait- there’s a bathroom??Damn it Dad- I told you to walk faster!?Gawww- I love Febreeze- is it Hawaiian Jasmine?Evelyn! He called! I’m not just saying that to get you to come down- I swear!

Wanda- please tell me you didn’t drop your Zoloft!?

Ophelia- that’s not funny. It’s never been funny. In a last minute attempt to impress Harvard- Audra instagrams a neighborhood storm cleanup.

Honestly Carla- you can’t do this every time Your favorite show is canceled.

Eunice, you’ve been warned about smoking in the greenhouse…and where is your bra!!!Boucle short set is also my go-to kitchen outfit! Her feet are distracting me. Oh Zac….Photo credits: Vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Zac Posen

This. Yes.


This too.


I couldn’t wear it, but I’d love to look like a sexy throw pillow.


I can’t even make one of those paper fortune tellers from 8th grade?!


Who, me? Trying to sneak out of the building in this dress? Why Zac, you wound me.


You’ll let me keep one? can I keep the suit? Oh, ok, well  thanks.


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Wearable Wednesday says ‘Woof!’ to Zac Posen

This week I asked the Dachsies who they wanted to see for Wearable Wednesday. They took a meeting and returned with a unanimous decision: Zac Posen. They raved about his talent, his innovations, his incredible taste! Yes, he has a long-haired black and tan…..

He also designs some pretty frisky frocks- lets take a dachshund approved look:

I think Dita Von Teese’s pups might like Posen too- this is all feeling very 50’s Vogue-y Glam Auntie Mame-y. Which I love, but don’t have the life for! Oh, heck- I don’t even have the hangers for that life!

Oooh! Pockets- and you can fit a dog in each sleeve!  

So- tails up or down on this PreFall 2012 collection?

photo credits: Style.com, google images